Hacienda Heights

525 & 670 North Carolina Ave

El Paso, TX

Hacienda Heights is an affordable apartment complex located in El Paso Texas. Quality and comfort meet to provide a perfect place to call home with friendly staff to make living enjoyable for tenants.

This property was located in a market where rent has been seeing up to 20% increases per year. The property is severely under market on its rents. Our plan is to repair the property, and raise the rents several hundred dollars per unit, hold it for a few years, then sell it for profits.

Key Points

Detail129 apts

Cost $7.3M
Return/year N/A
Equity Mltpl N/A
Resale N/A

Investment Summary

Initial equity$3,200,000
Purchase price$7,300,000
Total cost$7,300,000
*Recent purchase (closed 4/28/2022)

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