SFR Portfolio

83 addresses

Wilmington, NC

Multi-family and single family rental units near downtown Wilmington.

We purchased 83 individual addresses consisting primarily of single family rental units, and a few multifamily units. The properties were held for several years, rents were raised, and then the properties were sold in bulk.

Key Points

Detail83 Homes

CoC Yield 16%
Return/year 87%
Equity Mltpl 2.75X
Resale $6.3M

Investment Summary

Initial equity$980,000
Purchase price$4,900,000
Total cost$4,900,000
Resale price$6,300,000
Gross profit on resale$1,400,000
Number years held2
CoC yield16%
Equity multiple2.75X
Appreciation p/year71.43%
Return p/year87.43%

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