Most Common Questions

We expect that we will pay interest on a bi-weekly basis assuming your account has accrued at least $0.10 USD.

Your interest starts accruing immediately upon purchasing YIELD bonds which you can view at any time under your "My Yield" tab in your account.

There is an expected interest target of 9% annual CoC yield (paid in USDC) plus 3% appreciation (the bond backing YIELD has a target 3% appreciation). As the 9% interest grows with appreciation, the target interest average would be slightly higher over a 10 year hold.

Interest payments are paid via USDC Stellar. This is a stable coin backed 1-to-1 by real US dollars which is regularly audited by 3rd party firms. Learn more about USDC.

These interest payments can be transferred out to another Stellar wallet with zero fees, or converted to your local fiat currency and transferred into your bank account, some restrictions and fees may apply through our payment transfer partner. See Wyre fee schedule here.

The bond appreciates by 3% annually - this means that when the bond reaches maturity (or if the bond is called early) we are legally obligated to buy back at this appreciated price. We offer buy-back liquidity of up to 5% of invested fund value annually - in case of insufficient secondary market liquidity.

The Company may offer to repurchase up to 5% of the outstanding tokens per year, to induce liquidity into the market. The repurchase amount will be 3% lower than the current face value. By way of example: If $1,000 of tokenized bonds were purchased at face value, and then sold exactly 1 year later, they would yield $90 in interest and $30 in appreciation, minus $30 for the repurchase price, plus original principal, for a net total return of $1,090*.

*They would earn slightly more, because the interest rate also grows at a rate of 3%.

YIELD bond-holder ownership is recorder using tokenization technology on the Stellar decentralized ledger. This allows each bond-holder to buy and sell their investment more easily to other bond-holders, receive high frequency payouts, and be assured a high level of transparency as all transactions are publicly recorded by a decentralized database.

Legally the YIELD bond appreciates and matures at the 3% annual appreciation rate, the bond start date was 12/30/2021 at $1.00 USD and began appreciating at an annual 3% rate (e.g., 1 YIELD share at 12/30/2022 would be $1.03). The 9% interest also appreciates by 3% of 9% as well. The YIELD portfolio managers target disbursement of tokenized bonds on a monthly schedule at the latest appreciated face value.

The token maintains it's face value appreciation peg by purchasing shares below par value and relisting shares at par (up to 5% of invested funds).

This mechanism means that the price can go above (if demand exceeds supply) forecasted appreciation and make an additional profit while alleviating some of the risks of an unpegged token.


Emma buys 10,000 tokenized YIELD bonds at $1.00 USD on January 1st 2021.

She wishes to exit and sell her shares on January 1st 2022, the face value would have appreciated to $1.03 so she will list her bonds slightly below face at for an example $1.02999.

These bonds would be repurchased and Emma successfully exited, taking a profit from her appreciated bonds.

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You can lookup your public wallet address on any Stellar explorer such as

You can list your shares up for sell through the Stellar peer-2-peer exchange, simply navigate to the "Trade" screen and list the amount of shares you would like to sell at your desired price.

Though you can list your tokens for sell at any time, we encourage all investors to take a long term approach to investing in YIELD.

Zero fees to purchase YIELD with crypto or wires. There is a 3.9% +$0.30 USD fee charged by our credit card processor Wyre for international card purchase, 2.9% + $0.30 USD in the USA. Zero fees to transfer YIELD payments to another wallet. View the Wyre fee schedule for bank transfers here.

Selling your YIELD tokens on the exchange is free. No fees are charged.

Fund and Sponsor Information

Yes, this is a regulation S offering, meaning international investors are welcome!

To stabilize values. Fractional company shares can fluctuate wildly in value, with no appreciation guarantees. We provide a set (stable) appreciation contractually, and interest payments.

Investor funds are swept into a major financial institution bank account. Once enough funds have accrued to purchase a property, they are used for the down payment. Senior lender's will provide the balance of the funds to buy the property.

The majority of our assets were relatively unaffected. We buy recession resistant asset classes that typically perform through downward trends.

While the sponsors have a track record of investment success spanning over a combined two decades, all investments carry a risk. The Company(s) make no guarantees and risk of total loss of principal is possible.

YIELD is backed by a corporate bond which is backed by a diversified portfolio of assets and pays a fixed and stable interest rather than seeing profits/losses on individual properties.

The share price is tied to a legal contract stating that the price appreciates by 3% annually. Each share originally sold for $1.00 on December 29th 2021 and has been appreciating 3% annually since. The sponsors relist shares on the Stellar decentralized exchange to match the appreciated face value throughout each year.

This appreciation is built into the YIELD bond's legal contract.

The bond agreement has a face repurchase value by the Company. The value should follow the contracted repayment agreement.

We are legally obligated to return all investments at par value. This means you would receive the appreciated share values in USD.

Tax Considerations

Payments are made as interest payments. IRS W8 forms will be turned in for foreign investors. We can not provide tax advise. Consult with your local tax counsel or accountants for taxation questions.

Platform/Account Questions

Yes, any account that plans to maintain a balance of more than $5,000 USD should expect to undergo full KYC (Know-Your-Customer), which requires a form of government documentation and selfie photos. We use a third party vendor (Veriff) to securely manage your data.

If your account holds a USD value amount equal to or greater than $5K USD your account will be blocked from purchasing tokens and transferring out of platform until KYC is completed.

This is a legal requirement for companies in the USA and we are obligated to enforce these strict KYC procedures.

Upon investment attempts of greater than $5K USD, a simple KYC popup will prevent a purchase and ask that you provide documentation. If your account grows to greater than $5K USD, transfers out of the platform will also trigger this KYC form.

No, this is not your secret key seed phrase, the phrase is for recovering your Yield Crowd account if you lose your password. This phrase should be stored securely (preferably offline or in a secure password vault). This is the only means of resetting your password, so make sure you keep your recovery phrase somewhere safe and secure.

Each investor account is protected with AES 256-bit encryption (bank-grade encryption), segregated wallets, and two factor authentication. Admins must go through complex multi-sig processes to run secure transactions. Secret keys are stored offline in AA rated bank vaults. Investment funds are regularly swept to FDIC ensured USA banks.

Yield Crowd does not hold large sums of funds in hot wallets but instead periodically sweeps funds to FDIC insured US banks, this alleviates many of the security risks cryptocurrency platforms typically face.

The YIELD token is a standard Stellar Blockchain token, we do not at this time employ smart contracts for the token due to the security concerns and major hacks frequently executed on such technologies.

Your most important account details such as password, secret key, and personal profile information are one-way encrypted via AES 256-bit encryption (the same level encryption recommended by the US military and banking systems). Connections are required to connect through SSL Encryption which is frequently updated to the latest recommended TLS protocol. Accounts can opt-in (recommended) to 2 factor authentication, thereby preventing even someone who has your password from accessing your account.

Yield Crowd employs segregated account wallets. This means you control and own your secret key which is securely encrypted, even the sponsors cannot access your password or encrypted data.

If you've lost all access to your account (including your recovery phrase), there is a recovery process that involves multiple key personnel assembling cold-stored key shards to allow recovery of your account funds. This is a time-consuming process that can take several weeks to complete due to the security procedures in place.