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Institutional, liquid real estate fund — up to 23% return compounded.

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INSUREDFull property coverage portfolio wide
STABLEUnaffected by volatile markets
LIQUIDITYTrade p2p with other investors
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Investing in the USA

The world’s largest GDP, economic stability, and a global finance hub. Invest into USA real estate and start building your financial freedom today.

More Stable

YIELD bonds are obligated to pay interest and appreciation at a fixed rate - for a less volatile investment

Added Liquidity

Buy and sell bonds with other investors on the decentralized exchange


All properties fully insured - to protect against property damage from natural disasters or unexpected events such as fires or floods


Accounts are protected by 256-bit bank grade encryption, two factor authentication, and multi-signature executive approvals - to help ensure your investment remains secure

Invest in the preferred asset class of the wealthy.

Estimates show that 90% of millionaires over the last two centuries have achieved their wealth in part due to real estate investments, producing the third highest number of billionaires worldwide.

A record of strong performance.

The founders have completed in excess of 22 successful real estate investments since 2012. That's why lenders have extended over $45M in debt. From publicly traded Arbor, T-bank, SBA, Corvest, Realty Shares, and more.


Lenders who entrusted us with $50M

Built on the Stellar Distributed Ledger

Stellar makes it possible to tokenize real estate assets for secondary market liquidity, international access, and transparency.

Yield Crowd’s portfolio is tokenized* as YIELD on Stellar.

*A token is an asset such as a stock, bond or currency traded on a distributed ledger.


Frequent Payouts
P2P Trading
Zero Fees

Investment Comparison

Yield Crowd targets a stable dividend and appreciation structure, rather than typical volatile investments and complex earnings schemes that may yield negative/low returns. Our goal is to create a passive alternative investment to reduce market risk exposure and build wealth over time.

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Asset Yield Crowd Bonds Publicly Traded
CD's Publicly Traded
Commercial REI
Avg. Dividend Yield 9% 2.85% 1.86% 0.0% 3.32% 2%-12%3
Avg. Total Returns 13.38% 2.85% 6.59%2 0.88% 7.15% 10.3%
Daily Liquidity
Low Volatility
Physical Assets
Minimum Investment $25K about $1K No minimum $300-$500 No minimum $100K+
Preferred Hold Period1 Any 10 Years 20 Years 3-6 Months 3+ Years 5+ Years
Payout Frequency Bi-Weekly 6 Months Variable Monthly Quarterly Monthly
Description Since inception, target return 10-year hold 10-year US Treasure Yield Bonds S&P 500 20 years, average investor returns (QAIB Report) Interest rates for 5-year savings accounts 3-year FTSE Nareit Equity REITs (Jhangiani 3 year hold) From the National Council of Real Estate Investment Fiduciaries (NCREIF)

1Many investments such as publicly traded REITs or stocks have a generally recommended minimum hold period due to high volatility leaving investors in the negative for potentially years.

2Referencing Compound Annual Growth Rate(6.59%, 2000-2020). Actual investor returns are often lower due to market timing.

3Real Estate investing returns are highly variable due to regional differences, investing experience required, and market fluctuations.

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Start earning your way to financial freedom today. More stable, diversified, fixed-rate*, passive real estate investment fund with a proven track record of high performance.

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You asked, we answered:

Yes, all international (non-US) investors are welcome.

Yes, we are accepting Accredited U.S. investors.1,2

1An Accredited U.S. Investor is defined by the SEC as:
An individual who earns $200,000 or more per year, or joint $300,000, or has a Net Worth not including primary residence of at least $1,000,000 U.S. dollars.

2U.S. investors also have a 1 year transfer and resell restriction.

The YIELD bond sponsor (Olson Capital Investments) has been investing in real estate for over a decade - since 2012 - and has consistently yielded above-average returns on their investments.

Our founding team has decades of experience in software development, operations, and investing.

Yes, you can reinvest your USDC interest payments and earn up to 23% APY over ten years.

Yes, this investment is great for retirees or others seeking a 100% passive income stream.

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