Ultra Express

6458 Van Buren Blvd

Riverside, CA

Cutting-edge technology is designed to offer the Ultra car wash experience. All products and streamlined in-wash automation features ensure maximal safety, efficiency, and ease during the wash process.

This property was purchased in 2020 for a very attractive double digit cap rate. It continues to have very strong cashflow today and values are indicated well above purchase price.

Key Points


CoC Yield 35%
Return/year 185%
Equity Mltpl 6.58X
Resale est. $24.0M

Investment Summary

Initial equity$2,825,000
Purchase price$11,300,000
Total cost$11,300,000
Resale price est.$24,000,000.00
Gross profit on resale est.$12,700,000
Number years held1
CoC yield36%
Equity multiple est.6.58X
Appreciation p/year est.149.85%
Return p/year est.185.85%
*Annual return and resale estimates based on a variety of factors such as recent appraisals, current market conditions, cashflow history, location, comparable sales, and other relevant data-points.

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