How it started

Our founders have combined their expert real estate investing skills with their drive to make real estate investing faster, easier and more liquid than incumbent private equity funds.

Their vision led to the inception of Yield Crowd, an institutional, tokenized real estate backed investment fund fully tradeable on the Stellar decentralized exchange

Now available to all non U.S. investors and accredited U.S. investors alike, through a unique technology ecosystem and investing business model, bringing real estate to the masses.

Trust is our core value

Yield Crowd is SEC compliant under regulation S exemption for non U.S. investors and regulation D for accredited U.S. investors. This means that you can trust that the company will thrive and will continue the founder's long term goals of the growth of the real estate portfolio, creating returns for it’s investors for many decades to come.

In addition, Yield Crowd is registered with finCEN, which ensures it remains transparent and follows the highest compliant standards with anti-money laundering laws and complies with the federal government to ensure the safety of all it’s investors. The Yield Crowd platform also includes links to every property’s publicly registered deeds, to maintain complete transparency in it's real estate transactions.

How it began...


Start investing in real estate

The founders begin investing their own funds into real estate across the USA.


The Stellar distributed ledger is launched

Stellar development foundation launches its distributed ledger - the promise of a cross-border, frictionless, decentralized payment and ledger system along with mass digital currency adoption, creating the perfect ecosystem to tokenize real estate.


The idea came to light

After completing 20+ successful real estate investments on their personal accounts, the Founders decided there had to be a way to make real estate investing more accessible to the everyday investor. They set out to solve the issues in current real estate investments and make it possible for anyone to buy and sell real estate on the blockchain.


Partnering with the right people

The founders brought on multi-jurisdictional legal counsel to navigate the complex US and international securities laws. With Wall Street experts, corporate structure lawyers, and blockchain specialists, the team came together to create a truly equitable investment vehicle for all.


Laying the foundation

Yield Crowd laid the foundation to build a stable investment, that appreciates over time in a predictable manner, has a high level of liquidity, is available internationally, and which pays frequent dividends in US dollars via USDC. Nearly 100,000 lines of original code later, the platform was ready to be launched.


Bond issuance

Servers go live. The bond is tokenized and listed as YIELD on the Stellar decentralized ledger, the cross-border assets are officially launched.


Open to investors

Investors can invest with a minimum of $25,000 USD, opening the international investment community up to be able to buy and sell into a US real estate fund as a part of their diversification strategy.


Technology and growth

Yield Crowd will continue to add new features, onboard more investors, and introduce more liquidity into the marketplace, along with purchasing additional real estate assets for better diversity, and stability over time.

Meet the leadership team

The founders have over two decades of combined experience in the real estate investment industry and our founding team has over a decade of software development experience.

Everyone on the team shares the same vision. They have the investment experience, the tokenization platform, and the distributed ledger technology. They are driven to make real estate investing more stable, transparent, liquid, and accessible to everyone.

Amariah Olson

Co-Founder / Chief Investment Strategy

Obin Olson

Co-Founder / Operations